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David E. Twichell.


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A Record Year of Dubious Renown! By David E. Twichll. © 2005


Channeling ET and the Orb Phenomenon. By David E. Twichell. Ó 2004


Is The Day of UFO Disclosure Near? By David E. Twichell Ó 2004


Is The Veil Becoming Thinner? By David E. Twichell Ó 2004


TV Interview with Stephen Bassett. By David Twichell. Ó 2004.


Was There an Ancient Civilization on Mars? By David E. Twichell. Ó 2004


Anomalies Found in Roswell Metal. By David E. Twichell Ó 2004


Is Bovine Hemoglobin The Smoking Gun in Cattle Mutilation Cases?

By David E. Twichell Ó 2005


UFOs: Seeing is Believing. By David E. Twichell © 2005


Trusting Your Sources. By David E. Twichell


Understanding the Biblical UFO Hypothesis. By David E. Twichell © 2003


Science is Playing Catch Up With ET Technologies © 2003

Blimp or UFO?


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