Is Bovine Hemoglobin The Smoking Gun in Cattle Mutilation Cases?


David E. Twichell c. 2005

As it appeared in the June, 2005 issue of The MUFON Journal,

 The only known modern biochemical process to produce pure hemoglobin from human or animal blood is in a laboratory with chemicals, a centrifuge and strict temperature control.  Yet, of all the impossible and improbable anomalies discovered in scores of cattle mutilations around the world each year, since the 1950s, pure bovine hemoglobin can now be added to the list.

For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, ranchers have awakened to find one or more of their cattle dead on their property.  Not just deceased but, at first glance, brutally mutilated.  The ranchers know that the particular animal was alive and well as recently as 12 hours prior to the find.  But the skeptic’s unwavering and illogical conclusion is either “predator” or “satanic cult”.

Upon closer observation, it is discovered that the animal was not mutilated, as would be true in the case of a predator, instead “operated” upon and specific organs removed with laser-like precision.  A similar pattern of hide and tissue are removed from the head.  Usually an ear, eye, jaw flesh, the tongue, and sexual organs are removed. In almost all cases, the rectum and/or vaginal tract in females have been cored out.  The excision sites appear to be “cauterized” around the edges, indicating some form of heat was employed in the process.

            To add to the mystery, there is no sign of a struggle nor are there tire tracks or footprints around the carcass – not even of the animal itself.  Occasionally bones are broken at the point where the carcass has impacted the ground, suggesting it had been dropped from some height.  As eerily precise as the unusual animal deaths are, typically there is absolutely no blood to be found around or near the carcass.  Further, the animal itself is completely devoid of blood.  Other natural predators such as coyotes and wolves refuse to go near the area of the carcass.

            In October of 2,000, biophysicist W.C. Levengood of The Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Grass Lake Michigan called Linda Moulton Howe, to discuss his amazing findings concerning a bovine excision case that had occurred in 1997 in Red Bluff, California.

            W.C. Levengood is a world-renowned biophysicist who has worked extensively in the field of “subtle” or “implicate” energies.  He is well known for his work in crop formations and bovine excisions.  His method for determining the authenticity of crop formations has become the standard for cereologists worldwide.  Ms. Howe is an Emmy Award-winning TV and documentary producer, investigative reporter, and Reporter and Editor of the science and environment news website,  The full report, may be found at Ms. Howe’s web site,  (Monday, October 16, 2000 – Part 2)

            A 2,000-pound Black Angus bull had been discovered at the ranch of Jean and Bill Barton that displayed all the signs of a classic bovine excision.  The bull was found in a hillside pasture about one-half mile from the only dirt road that led into the area and could only be reached on foot or horseback.

            Besides the typical earmarks of a genuinely anomalous excision site, small black, hardened specks were discovered on the chest and testicles at the point of the excision.  Samples of these were gathered by field investigators Jean Bilodeaux and Royce Myers and delivered to Levengood for analysis.  To Levengood’s amazement, he found them to be pure hemoglobin!

            To confirm his findings, he sent the samples to analytical chemist Phyllis Budinger in Ohio.  Ms. Budinger used the latest state-of-the-art infrared spectral photometer to analyze the samples.  Her findings confirmed Levengood’s suspensions that these were indeed samples of raw bovine hemoglobin.

            Levengood states in his report, “The fact that erythrocytes, leukocytes and other components such as enzymes and hormones are missing - somehow they had to be extracted from the blood of the animal in order to obtain the very homogeneous hemoglobin.  To do this, you need to break down the cell membranes to the erythrocytes and leukocytes to remove the hemoglobin molecules.  To do this, requires a laboratory procedure with very precise biochemical steps.

            “It's totally incomprehensible how the hemoglobin could be removed in the middle of the night out in the middle of a pasture and separated from all the other cellular components.  (My emphasis.)

            He adds, “Here you have two basic enigmas: how was it removed in the fresh state and remained biochemically active in a very pure form?  And second, how was this formed into a solid that looks like a piece of old, black Bakelite - a very black, hard substance?  So what this does in my estimation, it takes it out of the realm of the predators, takes it out of the realm of devil worshipers.

            “This has to be an extremely sophisticated process.  I have no idea how it is done,” he admits.

            Identical evidence has been uncovered in bovine excision cases in California, Texas and Alabama.

            Levengood had sent the particles to several laboratories for peer review and they refused to even look at them.  “They took one look at this and said, 'this sure isn't hemoglobin because whoever heard of hemoglobin in a solid, black form?'” he said.

            In this writer’s opinion, their ignorance (and desire to maintain it) is the reason mainstream science has stagnated in this and many other areas.

            In his Research Report dated June 22, 2002, entitled “Biophysical Study of Two Bovine Excision Sites at Christmas Valley, Oregon, 2002”, Levengood discovered the same pure hemoglobin in two instances that occurred only days before and within 6 miles of each other.

            As with all genuine excision cases, the foliage surrounding the carcasses has been affected in the same manner as in crop formations.  Although he believes that two different but similar types of microwave energies are being applied between the plants and the excision sites.  Levengood admits that these could not possibly be random energies within earth’s atmosphere, especially in the case of the bovine excisions, but rather purposely directed by someone or something.

            In the 2002 report, it is the first time that biophysicist Levengood publicly alludes to extraterrestrial intervention as a possible solution.  As to the energies employed, he states:

            “The results from these two sources, combined with data from past investigations, demonstrate quite clearly that the energy producing the changes in the plants is not of the same design or intensity as those producing the excisions or purifying the blood hemoglobin.  The energy affecting the plants is of a more subtle nature, giving the impression that it may be an artifact of the propulsion or internal energy components emitted by the ‘UFO’ craft.”

            Elsewhere in the same report: “This local injury effect was not observed in plants at the bull excision site; however, in this case the energy source (UFO) was at a sufficient height above the soil surface to cause the induced magnetic field from the ion-electron avalanches to “pick up” magnetic particles – thus accounting for the reduction in the level of magnetic particles near the animal as well as the log-log type of distribution.”

            In a phone interview with Levengood, he told me, “There is no way all of the blood can be drained from such a large animal, to include the capillaries – especially in a pasture environment.”  In light of the hemoglobin discovery and the missing erythrocytes and leukocytes from the carcass, he hypothesizes that the blood has been “disintegrated” via some form of microwave technology that is yet unknown to modern science.

Both W.C. Levengood and Linda Moulton Howe were interviewed for an installment of “UFO Files”, pertaining to cattle mutilations, which recently aired on the History Channel.  Ms. Howe was the investigative reporter working to collect samples for Levengood at the site of a mutilation in Farnam, Nebraska, and the production crew followed her around.  Levengood indicated that he was interviewed all day and spoke at length of the hemoglobin find and its importance to the bovine excision phenomenon.  Alas, not a word on the matter was aired.

            After more than forty-five years of cattle, horses and wild animals being found bearing the same distinctive characteristics of intelligent intervention using advanced technologies, no one has ever been arrested in connection with these hideous acts.  After countless man-hours devoted to careful scrutiny of the evidence, biophysicist Levengood, among many others, believes that the bovine hemoglobin discovery is the “smoking gun” evidence.

             David E. Twichell


Linda Moulton Howe.

 Biophysicist W.C. Levengood.  The Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Grass Lake Michigan

 Hardened Bovine Hemoglobin Found On California Mutilated Bull. (Parts 1, 2 & 3)  © 2000 by Linda Moulton Howe.  All Rights Reserved.

 Biophysical Study of Two Bovine Excision Sites at Christmas Valley, Oregon, 2002. © 2002 by W.C. Levengood.  All Rights Reserved.

 Note:  All excerpts from reports reprinted with permission.

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