Understanding the Biblical UFO Hypothesis.


David E. Twichell  © 2003

            Since the release of my book, (The UFO – Jesus Connection. Infinity Publishing © 2001), I have been the guest on several radio, television and webcast shows.  Invariably, where there is the ability to call in, someone will call to tell me how blasphemous such a concept is.  They hadn’t read the book – just the title.

I had the honor of being interviewed on the Lou Gentile Show on February 6th, 2003 (http://www.lougentile.com/feb03.html ).   A gentleman called to tell me how I must “read my Bible more.”  Another simply said, “I just want to say that the guy you’re talking to is an idiot!”  That was it.  There was no debate.  There was no imparting of his own wisdom.  Just insult and run.  I could only laugh.  Fortunately, Lou is a gracious host who, after going to an unscheduled break, apologized for the behavior of his caller.  I assured him that I expect some people to judge the book by its cover and not worry about it.

Truth be known, I don’t really blame certain individuals for taking this posture.  I must put blame squarely on social conditioning.  Our worldview has been dictated to us by our parents, grandparents, teachers, priests, ministers and rabbis and enforced under penalty of hellfire.  Is it any wonder that we are prepared to defend our personal believe system blindly and without prejudice?  We often forget that, because of the very nature of a belief system, it cannot be proven by the believer nor disproved by the debunker. 

To help stem the tide of pre-judgmental comments, I always preface an interview or lecture concerning this book with the following:  “I am not saying that God and Jesus were nothing more than aliens in flying saucers.  Far from it!  What I am saying is, ‘If Ezekiel’s “wheel within a wheel” and Moses’ “pillar of fire and cloud” were forerunners of today’s UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and that brilliant cloud to which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein.” 

The book is divided into three sections.  The first shows examples of anomalous aerial phenomena that was witnessed and reported in the Bible.  The second addresses spiritual phenomena, e.g. near death experiences, out of body episodes, spirit communication etc.  I have included several personal experiences to emphasis my personal acceptance of a spiritual God – the source of all things in the universe.  And the third makes the connection between the two. 

            I was raised in a religious, church-going family and have come to accept Biblical scriptures as gospel.  Then, when I was fourteen years old, a paradigm-shattering experience set me on a course that I have not veered from to this day.  However, it has taken many years of adding two and two to arrive at the conclusion of which I now proclaim.       

In the summer of 1962, I was fourteen years old.  At about 11:00 P.M. one Saturday evening, I was going off to bed when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  I looked out the dark, open window to find a large patch of billowing smoke with seemingly bright green lights behind it in a cloudless, sky.  I called to my parents to come and look.  In a matter of seconds, my parents and older sister were on the front lawn of our Westside Detroit home gazing skyward. 

It was dead quiet.  Even the incessant chirping of the grasshoppers was absent.  By this time the object was about two hundred feet directly above our house.  It was no longer green but multicolored.  The thick smoke was illuminated from the other side by huge electric lights.  As the smoke began to clear above our heads, we could see giant round floodlights of yellow, red and white.  I don’t recall most of what was said between us but I do remember our commenting about the lack of any sound.

“Look!” My mother called.  Off to our right, a pillar of smoke was descending slowly to the ground.  It was as if a jet of air was forcing it down.  “It’s the Second Coming!” My mother declared.

We looked back up over our heads to find that the lights had receded.  The smoke had been so thick that it made an outline of this silent craft impossible to discern.  Yet the huge, round, colored lights had still shown through.  As bright as those lights were, they never illuminated the ground where we stood directly below. 

We continued to watch in silence as the smoke slowly dissipated, leaving only the cloudless, star-punctured sky.  We returned to the safety of our house, unscathed.  I do not remember talking at length with my family about the amazing “smoke and light show” we had just witnessed but it was over now and there was church to attend in the morning.  We went to bed.

The following morning my father bought the Sunday morning Detroit Free Press to see if there was anything on this strange event.  Sure enough, others had seen it.  Some had reported it.  We had not.  The authorities wasted no time in handing us an explanation.  They were the northern lights!  With all the confusing technical jargon they could muster, a weak case was made for the northern lights making it all the way down to southern Michigan. 

“Those weren’t the northern lights,” I argued.  “I’ve seen them in pictures and in movies.  Northern lights are ribbons of different colored lights that streak across the sky.  And they don’t have smoke with them either!”

“Well,” my mother assured me, “if they say they were the northern lights, then that’s what we must have seen.”

It might be understandable that a fourteen-year-old boy from Detroit couldn’t tell the northern lights from a sack of onions.  My mother, however, was born and raised in northern Michigan.  My father had spent two years in Alaska.  They had seen the northern lights on more than one occasion.  Yet my father had stared into the night sky in awe and apprehension.  My mother was all set for the Judgment Day!

It was at that very instant that I realized that we were being lied to.  Not us in particular.  Not anyone who had witnessed the event and knew the difference.  They were lying to those who did not see it.  Whom would those people believe?  The United States Government or us?  They were the experts on the matter.  The ones who are sworn to serve and protect.  The ones who are paid with our tax dollars to tell us the truth about everything - especially what goes on in our air space. 

And so the matter was dropped.  At least as far as my family was concerned.  I have never dropped the matter.  Nor will I!  For those who have not had a close encounter sighting or abduction experience, it is easy to dismiss such claims as misidentification, fantasy or outright lies.  Some of us don’t have that luxury. 

There are many eyewitness accounts of brightly illuminated “chariots” or means of conveyance that flew through the sky mentioned in the Bible and elsewhere throughout history.  These craft were intelligently controlled and their occupants interacted on many occasions with Earth’s inhabitants.  Their highly advanced technologies qualified them as “gods” or “masters of the stars” to the ancients.  They claimed to have come to this planet to set moral standards for a primitive society and to tell us about the one true God of the spiritual realm.  But mankind, in his ignorance, continued to revere the messengers of God as God himself. 

These non-terrestrial visitors claimed to have created our race on this planet.  The book of Genesis suggests that this claim is valid:

And God said, “Let ‘us’ make man in ‘our’ image, after ‘our’ likeness.” (Genesis 1: 26.)  Orthodox religions teach that God made man in “his” image, but the scriptures clearly use the plurals, “us” and “our.”  To whom was God speaking?

When people had spread all over the world and daughters were being born, some of the heavenly beings saw that these young women were beautiful, so they took the ones they liked. Then the Lord said, “I will not allow people to live forever; They are mortal.  From now on they will live no longer that 120 years.”  In those days and even later, there were giants on the Earth who were descendants of human women and the heavenly beings.  They were the great heroes and famous men of long ago.  (Genesis 6: 1‑4)

Numbers 13: 22, refers to a place called Hebron where the descendants of a race of giants called Anakim, lived.  Actually, the Hebrew word that was translated to “giants,” is “nephilum,” which literally means, “those who came down.”  Even a text, discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls, refers to "angels" interbreeding with human women.  Whether this was accomplished through normal intercourse or via genetic engineering, the end result would be the same.

Surprisingly, this theory would not detract from the teachings of the Bible.  We humans procreate yet we do not claim to be God.  If we were to go out into space, find a primitive race and introduce our genetic makeup to theirs, the resulting hybrid would not make us God.  Although they would, no doubt, regard us as such due to our comparatively miraculous entrance into their low-tech world.  They could only relate what they witnessed and experienced within their limited scope of reference. 

There are many examples throughout history where a more advanced race of earthbound humans from one island happened upon a more primitive race from another.  Invariably, they were revered as “gods”.  Captain Cook’s arrival in the Hawaiian Islands is one.  The arrival of Christopher Columbus to the New World is another.  In all such instances, the natives had felt that their island was “the world” and there was neither anyone nor anything beyond its borders. 

In the past fifty years, our view of the universe has greatly expanded.  We are now aware of the limitless regions of space where life might manifest and evolve.  We also realize that our planet itself is nothing more than an island in outer space.  Being forearmed with this knowledge, is it so outlandish to conclude that a more advanced civilization from another celestial island has come to this one in the past as we plan to do in the future?  Wouldn’t it be logical, indeed normal, to conclude that our forefathers would revere them as God, gods or angels of God just as some revere the occupants of today’s UFOs as demons? 

Yet, if this is the case, where does that leave the orthodox religions of the world?  There are more than three thousand different orthodox religions.  About twelve hundred of them are based on Christianity.  All of them feel that theirs is the correct one.  All of them know that not all can be correct at the same time.  Would the acceptance of the Biblical/UFO hypothesis threaten them all?  I would venture to say that such a hypothesis would verify, clarify, strengthen and unite them all.  For once and for all, the world may come together in the understanding that all beings in God’s vast cosmos are under the same umbrella. 

It has been widely reported by alien experiencers that, when asking of their captors, “is there a God?”  The reply has been, “We are all of the same God.”      

It has become clear to me how our ancestors of thousands of years ago would invariably regard such a miraculous display as nothing short of divine intervention.  The same parallel was unwittingly drawn by my mother, an unshakably devote Christian, in 1962.  “It’s the Second Coming!”  She declared, as our family stood on our front lawn, one silent summer’s night, and gazed in awe upon technology . . . millennia beyond our time.

 David E. Twichell.


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