TV Interview with Stephen Bassett.

By David Twichell.  c. 2004.


            In February 2004, I conducted a telephone interview with Stephen Bassett from Washington DC that was aired on “We Are Not Alone” in March.

            Stephen Bassett is a political activist and lobbyist in Washington DC whose main objective is calling for full disclosure of the government imposed truth embargo on the UFO phenomenon.  He is a political columnist, commentator and former Independent candidate for Congress.   He is also the executive producer of the X-Conference to be held April 16 through 18, 2004 in the Nation‘s capital.   The X-conference, also known as “exopolitics expo“, is the first of its kind.  People from many different countries and some US Congressional representatives have already registered for the event.   Mr. Bassett describes it as being “not so much about lights in the sky as it is about lies on the ground.”  He has spoken to millions of Americans about the implications of a formal disclosure event.

                When asked what the prevailing attitude in Washington is concerning the subject, Bassett said, “There have been several meetings on the hill.  I think there is almost nobody up there that doesn’t take it seriously.  But there is nobody sufficiently courageous or positioned to publicly state anything about it – which is grotesque in a republic like ours.  But nobody that I’ve ever dealt with has ridiculed it.”

                He went on to say, “we have a dis-empowered congress, the majority of which already knows that we have something important here but won’t act and are not being spurred to act by executive or the military intelligence groups.  So the whole thing is unbalanced.  It’s all dysfunctional.  That’s what happens when you lie.”

                I asked Mr. Bassett about the global implications of disclosure and the reasons behind the cover up.  “The disclosure of the UFO presence is going to impact every world view – every person in the world,”  he said.  “The cover up is mainly about public relations.  They kept the cover up going from 1947 till the 90’s because of the cold war and the nuclear threat.  So who would argue that throwing the extraterrestrial presence into the mix was a wise move during that period of time? But when the cold war ended, the objective to end the cover up starts immediately.  But they haven’t done it.  How do you come forward and say ‘look, we have been keeping this under wraps and denied it for national security reasons.  But we didn’t tell you about it because we thought it was in your best interest.’  How do you do that and look as good as possible?  It’s a significant public relations problem.  But I have no doubt that they will solve the problem and come out looking pretty good.  I’m not interested in making them look bad . . . I just want the cover up to end.”

                When asked about the effect on humanity’s psyche when it came to the reality of the abduction phenomenon, Mr. Basset chose his words carefully.  “The safest bet, as an opening move, would be to announce the artifacts on Mars.  I think we’re there.  The next safest thing is entities and craft coming into our airspace.  Abductions is a different matter.  There’s no question that a lot of people are going to raise the question of ’what did you do about that?’  And the answer is ’well, we didn’t do much because we couldn’t do anything.’  the idea that we could do nothing is a myth.  And secondly, if we had of done anything, it would have endangered the cover up.  And the cover up was ultimately the primal policy.  But, on disclosure day, it won’t be long before people put two and two together and say ’okay, ETs are here, ETs are real, abductions are real.’  And that’s going to be some nasty business.  There’s going to be a lot of upset people.  But the abductees will probably be less upset.  At least they’re going to have the government in the open about it.  Then again, there are those who will say, ‘my lord, if that’s happening to them, it could be happening to me!’  But that’s like saying if you’re in the wrong building on the wrong day, a 747 may fly through the window.  The world’s not safe.”

                Stephen Bassett’s “paradigm clock” is fashioned after the “doomsday clock”.  When it hits midnight, that’s the day disclosure takes place.  Bassett has been changing the time based upon circumstances and events since 1996.  The clock is presently at 11:58:48.  Is “Disclosure Day” near?

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                David Twichell

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